What do you think of your applications in the best companies think of your application?

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We asked IBM's staff guru to find out

You followed all the techniques you were taught at school: the leader with the corresponding anecdote in the cover letters, you have a summary that is unique and customized (with a taste of color), and, for love of this exam, all night, your spelling and grammar are at the point After all the switches and the Send Application button are turned off, all that is left is the thought Katherine is responsible for everything that concerns the recruitment of students into the Canadian office You believe that you will always be able to sell yourself better than one page that summarizes the relevant experience (aka your resume) Thus, we sat down with the IBM Campus Recruin Team Lead group, Catherine Christie, to get some specific advice on how to stand in the modern sea of university degrees and talented people. She also had useful tips about what to do when you met a recruiter, and how much of a detail could get you To give you some context, Katherine is responsible for everything that you do with a set of students in the IBM Canadian office. The team employs students to participate in joint internships, internships and new roles, from development and consulting to the role of sales

" Read fine print. I'm sorry, you guys, you're applying so many positions, and you're really trying to secure yourself, but it's very important that you pay attention to the details. "To make sure that you address your cover letters to the right employers ... we see that this is happening all the time."

Do not attempt or move forward or forward

"In addition, when employers take the time to point out what they are looking for in the application, do not attempt and bypass this or skip ahead."

Another important point that Catherine has made is to always check spelling and grammar. It seems trivial, but when you remove from office, because you do not write the proper name of the company, you will want to split your head on the keyboard

" Transcripts will never or will not break an application, they will simply help you to diversify your portfolio. We look at them as complementary to the skills and experience, so that they are all-inclusive. According to the transcript, we see how much effort you're putting into your work. And logically, it shows that you're going to do it at this time or not. "

" But it's also nice to see that you are not studying outside your work, with extra-curricular activities, student groups or attending conferences. These are really tangible things. "

This is about reading and understanding the job description

Katherine notes that when it comes to the full package of your program, students and alumni must adjust their résumé to reflect what they want. This is understandable, including a ton of information, because we do not always know that the employer will find informative, but for Catherine, which is about reading and understanding the job description

" I usually recommend to our students, whether they are in care or new graduates, to conduct some research on the organization in a cover letter, and, in fact, to tell us why you want to work for IBM. Is it because you know someone who worked for us before and did you have a hand in some really cool projects? Or was she the main report you saw online? What is your interest in working with this organization? "

Moreover, it is quite clear ... when the complainant sends several vacancy announcements to these five universal paragraphs

"We can analyze your skill set in your résumé (if it is shown), but the cover letter is a place where you really need to put your ear on the ground and understand why you want to work with the organization, and in particular, what is important to IBM so that you can take advantage of the various possibilities."

Katherine has another big clue when it comes to cover letters: customize, customize, customize! Although it noted that it taxes 12 different, unique cover letters for different positions and companies, it is also very clear (and I am sure that all others) when the applicant sends a number of vacancies to these five general paragraphs

" This is a really complicated position, because you don't have any more resources that you would have had in school. So I would really try to get in touch with the alumni networks. Very often, schools are well equipped with very useful alumni networks that can help you reach out to the right people and with the right employers. "

" After graduation, you really need to sell yourself back to your employer and make sure you're not just a piece of paper or cover letter. People need to know who you are and do it with a network of similar people-it's always a great way to get noticed. "

Catherine also mentioned that, in particular, for IBM, it is great for students and for the last jobs that are looking for work to connect to industrial events and get ready for work. The placement of the person to the name of the employer is excellent, but for Catherine, it is even better if the event is shown in the perspective, already knowing who will participate in the work on behalf of IBM and has some specific points of organization

We'll never have a moment for you

A very important topic that emerged during the course of the survey was a shift on both sides of the search for work. Catherine stressed that IBM and other companies that are looking for students and recently alumni are unable to get us. We'll never have a moment for you. She understands what stress can be the first full day of work, and just hopes that young specialists will prepare. She also hoped that students understood what she had to do as a recruiter. So get out of there, get a good scare, and build a stellar app that makes you a dream job

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